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AgeSafe’s Virtual Assisted Living (VAL) program offers the services our members may need to effectively stay in their own homes longer and more safely than previously possible.

Based on Boston’s Beacon Hill Village where the residents wanting to stay in their homes, and in the Beacon Hill area as they aged, got together and contracted for the services they would need to make that happen. They discovered that the same services available in expensive assisted living facilities could be brought to them in their homes, and at a fraction of the cost.

The following VAL services are available from trusted, vetted, local services providers either as a package, or separately as needed. Contact us and let us help you arrange the services you may need to age safely at home. 


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Medicare Certified Home Health and Hospice.

We partner with several different Home health and hospice services to enable you to have the best care that you need at home.  Our goal is to make life as easy as possible and free of stress when it comes to your health. 


Personal Care Services

Personal care services bring caregivers into your home to assist with activities of daily living, meals preparation, light housekeeping, and companionship. These services can often make the difference between staying at home and having to move into a care facility.


In-Home Monitoring

Keeping watch over the activity levels, changing care needs, and safety status of a loved one at home can be a great relief to family members, especially if they live at a distance. We provide a full range of in-home monitoring services from discrete video monitoring via a smart phone to a full home security installation. Contact us to create a personalized monitoring package to meet your loved one’s care needs.   


Meals Service

We work with a number of meal service providers to supplement or replace the meal preparation chores in the home. From free services (if qualified) to customized fresh or pre-frozen meals, we can create a plan to meet our members’ nutritional needs with tasty, easy to prepare meal options. 



Finding the right transportation option can be a bit confusing. We have researched the various private, public and medical transport options in the Salt lake Valley to find just the right option for your transportation needs. Give us a call and well help you sort it all out. 


Home Management Services

Helping manage home-related needs can go a long way in allowing you to continue to age safely and efficiently at home. From home maintenance and repair to realty services should you need to downsize or move to a care facility to moving assistance if needed, we’ve got you home management needs covered.


Our Virtual Assisting Living Services

Let’s talk about how these services can help you or your loved-one live longer and more effectively at home – wherever you call home! 

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