The Original Nuclear Family

  • Families caring for one another – an aspect of senior living that is as old as time. Nuclear as used here means something that is central, basic, and core.
  • Seniors are often reluctant to be “a bother” to their children.
  • However, many adult children of seniors want to be involved in their parents’ lives, even to the point having them live with them so they can look after their care. Many children feel a keen responsibility for making their parents’ later years rich, comfortable, and enjoyable.
  • Often, the adult children and their parents don’t know how to make a that work. We can answer questions such as creating legal agreements, financial protections, how to share financial resources, etc.
  • We have experts ranging from trained communication facilitators and legal and financial advisors who can guide you through creating a shared family housing model that can work for you and yours. Reach out, and let us help you explore ways to make this work.

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